Mr Arie Parnham

Consultant Urologist & Andrologist

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Men's Health Specialist

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01 About

I am a Consultant Urological Surgeon and Andrologist in the North West of England. I am one of the few surgeons outside of London whose practice is entirely dedicated to the management of conditions that affect the male genitals (penis and testis). 

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02 Conditions and Treatments

Erectile dysfunction

  • Malleable penile implants

  • Inflatable penile implants- Penoscrotal and Infrapubic

Male Factor Infertility

Percutaneous sperm aspiration (PESA)

Testicular sperm extraction (TESE)



Microsurgical vasovasostomy

Microsurgical vasoepidiymostomy

Microsurgical varicocelectomy

Transurethral Resection of Ejaculatory Ducts (TURED)

Common penile problems

  • Prepucioplasty

  • Frenuloplasty

  • Circumcision

  • Revision circumcision

  • Glans resurfacing

Penile Cancer

  • Glans biopsy

  • Partial glansectomy and reconstruction

  • Glansectomy and reconstruction

  • Partial penectomy and reconstruction

  • Total penectomy and  perineal urethrostomy

  • Dynamic sentinel node biopsy

  • Radical inguinal lymph node dissection (open)

  • Video endoscopic inguinal lymph node dissection

  • Pelvic node dissection

Peyronie's disease

  • Nesbits procedure

  • Yachia procedure

  • Lue procedure

  • 16 Dot plication

Disorders of male sexual dysfunction

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Delayed ejaculation

  • Glans hyposensitivity

  • Painful ejaculation

  • Dry ejaculation

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03 Testimonials

"Thank you so much for your hardwork and help during this period of my life. You are one in a billion. Thanks again."

Anonymous patient, 2018

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04 Insurers

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05 Contact


The Christie Private Care

550, Wilmslow Road,

Manchester, M20 4BX


Tel: 0161 918 7162


Spire Manchester

70 Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester M20 2AF


Pall Mall Medical

61, King Street, Manchester, M2 4PD


Spire Murrayfield

Holmwood Dr, Thingwall, Barnston, Wirral CH61 1AU


The Wilmslow Hospital

52-54 Alderley Road, Wilmslow, SK9 1NY


Tel: 0161 918 7162